Selling an Injection Molding Business

If you have thoughts of selling your injection molding business or other plastic component manufacturer, you're facing a unique challenge. Outsourcing to low cost countries, plastic resin price fluctuations, employee turnover and the conservative lending environment have all contributed to unsteady volumes and profits across the plastic processing and manufacturing sectors.

As a result, many injection molders, blow molders, thermoformers, extruders and other plastic/rubber component manufacturers are considering their options. Whether your company is struggling to generate profits or is in the midst of its best year, now may be the time to consider selling your business.

In other industries, the number of potential strategic buyers for a small or medium size company is limited. However, the plastic processing industry is still highly fragmented and the pool of strategic buyers for a small injection molding company or other processor is virtually endless, regardless of the selling company's performance.

We have vast injection molding M&A experience and an unmatched array of contacts in the plastic processing industry.  These tools allow us to maximize exposure to the large pool of strategic buyers and bring multiple interested parties to the table.

We have completed well over 60 M&A transactions in and around the plastics industry since our inception in 1998. Most of these clients were custom or proprietary injection molders.  We have also successfully represented blow molders, compounders, equipment makers, prototypers and contract manufacturers.  A large number of our clients are located in the Northeast and Southeast, but we have worked with molders in Texas, Utah, California, Canada and Mexico over the past several years.

Please visit our "recent M&A deals" section to learn more about some of the injection molding M&A projects we have worked on.


Why Industry Experience Matters

Selling your business is an important and life-altering event, and you want to be sure that you find the most qualified buyer and get the best possible price and terms for your company.  As industry experts, we will help you best achieve your exit goals.  More »