Recruiting for Injection Molding Professionals

At any given time, MBS might have dozens of open job orders. So we encourage plastics industry candidates with strong injection molding backgrounds to send us their resumes.

Even if you are not a fit for any of our current job openings, we may have some additional ideas for you. We keep resumes confidential and will always call you to discuss your background and preferences before submitting you to a prospective employer.

Unfortunately, the manufacturing sector in the United States does not have a sufficient talent pool when it comes to skilled labor and technically inclined managers. Our universities are not producing enough engineers, and there seems to be an aversion among younger generations to careers in a trade such as machining or mold building.

Therefore, as part of our executive placement services, we are always looking for injection molding industry professionals with a strong engineering or tool-making background. If you are a sales engineer, engineering manager, project engineer, tooling manager or quality manager, we can find a good, high-paying job for you.

Candidates with a strong injection molding background should send their resumes to Joel Minnick.


Help! We Need a President

Talented and loyal executives in any industry are extremely hard to find. Plastic molding companies pose their own unique challenges, especially for a private equity firm or other owner that is relatively new to the business. The good news is that strong executives with leadership in the plastics processing industry are out there. At MBS, we have the experience and plastics industry contacts to help you find exactly who you need, when you need them.More »