Current Injection Molding M&A Opportunities

Molding Business Services is currently representing or brokering a variety of privately-owned molders and manufacturers, including several custom injection molding companies. Our current clients are spread throughout North America and have annual revenues ranging from $3 million to $90 million.

We constantly talk to business owners that are "thinking" about selling but are not ready to have their businesses actively brokered.  As a potential acquirer, if you have a M&A "sweet spot" or a specific strategic need, please call us to discuss.  We probalby know a molder or processor that is a good fit and would be willing to talk.

The opportunities listed below typically represent a small percentage of our current projects, and are not always up-to-date.  Please review what we have posted and then call Andrew Munson at 413-584-2095 to discuss what else we have "cooking."


1. Upstate NY Custom Injection Molder - $4 million in sales
2. Color Concentrate Manufacturer in New England - $8 million in sales
3. Caps & Closures molder in NYC area - $4 million in sales
4. Precision Automotive Molder in the Midwest - $15 million in sales